DS-8 Digital Door Lock


Material: Titanium Alloy, ZN, ABS

Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery

No. of Master Pin Registration: 9

No. of Pin Registration: 100

No. of Fingerprint Registration: 100

No. of Card Registration: 100

Humidity: 20% 80%

Working Temperature: 60°C ± 10°C

Door Thickness: Applicable Range 36mm 110mm

Emergency Battery: USB Power Port

Applicable Door Types: Wooden Door, Security Door, Fire Rated Door & Grill Door


  • Fingerprint
  • Password
  • LED Light
  • Automatic Lock/Relock
  • Self Diagnostic Function
  • RFID Card
  • Scramble Code
  • Door Bell
  • Easy To Use Even At Night
  • Multi Touch Feature
  • Volumn Adjustable
  • Back Lock Thumbturn/Button
  • Emergency key
  • Double Locking System
  • Anti Hacking Emergency Alarm System
  • Anti Panic Handle

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